What is Plant Breeding?

How to Breed Plants, As told by Students

What is Plant Breeding?

Plant breeders develop new varieties that are productive, nutritious, and adapted to a changing climate. By combining field-based evaluation and selection with the latest genomics technologies, plant breeders provide the world with better food, feed, fiber, and renewable fuel, and contribute to sustainable landscapes.

Why Pursue Plant Breeding?

The USDA recently published a new report showing tremendous demand for recent college graduates with a degree in agricultural programs with an estimated 57,900 high-skilled job openings annually in the food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, and environmental fields in the United States.

Whether you wish to work in the field, the forest, the greenhouse, or the laboratory, whether in the academic, private, non-profit, or governmental sector, whether domestic or abroad, a degree in plant breeding can position you for a fulfilling, stimulating, and necessary career.

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